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 8 things to Remember when using your Security Officer Log Book (Notebook)

This log book is used to document all things the officer has encountered while on shift.  Accountability! Security Officer log books allow our officer to accurately take notes of what was seen heard and observed while on duty.

Things to remember when taking notes:

  1. Make sure your notes are legible and clear.
  2. Record notes in chronological order, try not to jump around with your observations of the shift.
  3. Develop a style of note taking that is beneficial to you, we all have different learning styles and ways of recording data.
  4. Make sure to record data as soon as possible. We don’t want to forget any pertinent details because we waited until our break to jot down what we could remember.
  5. Steer clear of using abbreviations and short hand unless you can remember exactly what they mean.
  6. Opinions and Personal Notes have no place in your Security Officer Log book
  7. Make sure your notes make sense. Your log book could be used as a valuable aid in revisiting a particular shift
  • Who was involved in the event; What happened,
  • What type of event occurred;
  • When did the event happen;
  • Where did the event take place;
  • Why did the event take place, what is the motive?
  • How did the event come to your attention?

 Remember, the key to the log book is to help Document, Document, Document!

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4 Things to Remember when on the Job

  1. Be Aware of your surroundings. As a security officer it is crucial that you remain observant while conducting a tour whether it is a foot patrol a vehicle patrol or if you are monitoring the CCTV system. It is amazing what can happen at the blink of an eye 😉
  1. Always be personable. Say hello and always remain approachable to clients, client visitors and or vendors.
  1. Someone is always watching you. Self-Explanatory!
  1. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP! If you feel yourself begin to get sleepy try these three things:
    1. Stand up and Stretch
    2. Get a snack or some water. Stay Energized
    3. Conduct additional foot patrols.

These are just a few things that will prove helpful while on shift! For more tips please be sure to check our website: