Fire Watch Services

What is a Fire Watch you ask?

A Fire watch monitors a building or area (location) that may be at risk of a potential fire or may pose a fire hazard. Fire watches normally occur when hot work is being completed and a water source is not readily available on site. Fire Watches can also occur when there is a public event going on or if an existing alarm system has failed. The more eyes, the better. The guard who is tasked with covering the fire watch must complete thorough and timely patrols to ensure the entire location has been checked for a fire or threats of fire (fire hazards).

If you are looking to have renovations or construction work completed on your site and a fire watch is necessary, or if you are looking to have a large public event or if you are in transition between security alarm systems and need a fire watch completed, please contact Night Hawk Security and Consulting. Our goal is to keep you and your property safe!